Definition of JAMMER

  • apply (brakes) suddenly and forcibly used with on
  • become unworkable through the jamming of a movable part
  • block passage of obstruct
  • block, crowd, or bump (a pass receiver) near the line of scrimmage in football
  • cause to become wedged so as to be unworkable jam the typewriter keys
  • fill often to excess pack the crowd jammed the theater
  • force one's way into a restricted space
  • make (as a radar apparatus) ineffective by jamming signals or by causing reflection of radar waves
  • make unintelligible by sending out interfering signals or messages
  • make unworkable by jamming
  • pitch inside to (a batter)
  • press into a close or tight position jam his hat on
  • push forcibly
  • take part in a jam session
  • nk 2
  • one that jams (to force together tightly) [n -S]
  • to become blocked or wedged
  • ush bruise

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