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Scrabble Word DO

Definition of DO:


  • apply cosmetics to wanted to do her face before the party
  • approve especially by custom, opinion, or propriety you oughtn't to say a thing like that à it's not done Dorothy Sayers
  • attack physically beat
  • be active or busy let us then be up and doing H. W. Longfellow
  • be adequate or sufficient serve half of that will do
  • be engaged in the study or practice of do science
  • be fitting conform to custom or propriety won't do to be late
  • behave like do a Houdini and disappear
  • bring into existence produce do a biography on the general
  • bring to an end finish used in the past participle the job is finally done
  • carry on business or affairs manage we can do without your help
  • come to or make an end finish used in the past participle
  • give freely pay do honor to her memory
  • have sexual intercourse with
  • partake of let's do lunch
  • pass over (as distance) traverse did 20 miles yesterday
  • perform in or serve as producer of do a play
  • play the role or character of
  • prepare for use or consumption
  • put forth exert did her best to win the race
  • put in order clean was doing the kitchen
  • serve out (a period of imprisonment) did ten years for armed robbery
  • serve the needs of suit suffice worms will do us for bait
  • spend (time) in prison has been doing time in a federal penitentiary
  • take place happen what's doing across the street
  • travel at a speed of doing 55 on the turnpike
  • treat unfairly
  • treat with respect to physical comforts did themselves well
  • wear out especially by physical exertion exhaust at the end of the race they were pretty well done
  • work at as a vocation what to do after college
  • (used to ask questions, to make negative statements, to add emphasis, and to avoid repetition)
  • a substitute verb especially to avoid repetition if you must make such a racket, do it somewhere else
  • a substitute verb to avoid repetition wanted to run and play as children do used especially in British English following a modal auxiliary or perfective have a great many people had died, or would do Bruce Chatwin
  • customs, rules, or regulations
  • doh (a musical note) [n DOS] / to perform (to begin and carry through to completion) [v DID or DIDST, DONE or DOEN, DOING, present sing 2d person DO, DOEST or DOST, 3d person DOES, DOETH or DOTH]
  • eat did him out of his inheritance
  • ed in the imperative after an imperative to add emphasis be quiet do
  • ed with the infinitive without to to form present and past tenses expressing emphasis I do say do be careful
  • ed with the infinitive without to to form present and past tenses in declarative sentences with inverted word order fervently do we pray Abraham Lincoln, in interrogative sentences did you hear that?, and in negative sentences we don't know don't go
  • ed with the infinitive without to to form present and past tenses in legal and parliamentary language do hereby bequeath and in poetry give what she did crave Shakespeare
  • ing about effect trying to do good do violence
  • mic
  • ok like my steak done rare
  • sh did the dishes after supper
  • social gathering
  • the first tone of the diatonic musical scale [n DOS] / to begin and carry through to completion [v DID, DIDST, DOES, DOEST, DOETH, DOING, DONE, DOST, DOTH]
  • the musical syllable used for the first note of a scale
  • to abolish
  • to accomplish
  • to act
  • to be enough
  • to be the cause of (good, harm, etc.)
  • to bring to pass carry out do another's wishes
  • to cause the defeat, ruin, or death of
  • to cheat
  • to cook and keep house for; manage or provide for
  • to deal with
  • to deal with; treat
  • to dispense with the thing mentioned
  • to dress
  • to execute (an amount of work)
  • to exert
  • to exhaust
  • to fasten
  • to forgo; dispense with
  • to gain advantage or benefit from; make use of
  • to get along with what is at hand, despite its inadequacy
  • to kill
  • to make a supreme effort
  • to perform (an act)
  • to pin up or arrange (the hair)
  • to proceed
  • to redecorate
  • to render
  • to renovate; launder; clean
  • to serve a term in prison
  • to suffice for
  • to wear out; tire
  • to wrap and tie up
  • ur doing 12 countries in 30 days
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