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Scrabble Word GO

Definition of GO:


  • (of colors) to harmonize
  • (of time) to pass
  • (of what has been expected or planned) to happen
  • a Japanese board game [n GOS] / to move along [v GOES, GOING, GONE, GWINE, WENT]
  • attempt
  • energy
  • from the very start; since the beginning
  • to accompany in travel
  • to act or proceed independently, without assistance, companionship, or the like
  • to adopt as one's particular interest; approve of; like
  • to agree; concur
  • to allow being swallowed
  • to assault; attack
  • to attack
  • to be accepted or believed
  • to be disregarded or not taken advantage of
  • to be enough for all
  • to be guided by or to rely upon
  • to be in conflict with or opposed to
  • to be remembered in history
  • to be so thoughtless, unfortunate, or silly as to
  • to become
  • to begin or proceed vigorously
  • to change course by tacking or wearing
  • to circulate
  • to decrease or subside
  • to depart
  • to descend or sink
  • to deteriorate
  • to die
  • to discuss or investigate
  • to experience orgasm
  • to explode, fire, or perform or begin to function abruptly
  • to extend
  • to function
  • to happen; occur
  • to join in a partnership or union; combine with
  • to leave, esp. suddenly
  • to like very much
  • to make a certain sound
  • to move along [v GONE or GWINE or YGO or YGOE, GOING, GOES] / a Japanese board game [n -S]
  • to move or proceed
  • to move; proceed
  • to occupy oneself with; engage in
  • to occupy oneself with; perform
  • to perform fellatio or cunnilingus (usually fol. by on)
  • to perform fellatio or cunnilingus on
  • to proceed without hesitation or delay
  • to pursue a goal with determination
  • to suffer defeat
  • to try for
  • to try to get
  • to undertake as one's study or work
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