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Scrabble Word TAKE

Definition of TAKE:


  • accepting bribes
  • in search of personal profit at the expense of others
  • something taken
  • to absorb
  • to accept as a challenge; contend against
  • to accept as payment for services or as an equivalent of monetary compensation
  • to accept or believe something; aquiesce
  • to accept, as an offer or challenge
  • to acquire
  • to adopt seriously
  • to allow to return; resume a relationship with
  • to alter (clothing) so as to make smaller
  • to ask for or gather donations, usually of money, from a number of people
  • to assume as a responsibility or obligation
  • to assume falsely to be; mistake for
  • to assume possession of
  • to assume to be
  • to be able to resist or endure hardship, abuse, etc.
  • to become friendly with; keep company with
  • to carry out for use or consumption elsewhere
  • to cause (someone else) to suffer for one's own misfortune or dissatisfaction
  • to cause to remember
  • to choose
  • to comprehend
  • to consume; use up; absorb
  • to continue; resume
  • to deal with in discussion
  • to deceive; trick; cheat
  • to deduct
  • to devote or apply oneself to; become habituated to
  • to diminish the pride or arrogance of; humble
  • to endure
  • to escort; invite
  • to exact payment from; penalize
  • to exhaust; enervate
  • to furl (a sail)
  • to get possession of; seize
  • to go to
  • to grow suddenly
  • to have recourse to; resort to
  • to hire; employ
  • to include; encompass
  • to kill; destroy; eliminate
  • to lead away
  • to leave
  • to leave the ground, as an aircraft
  • to lift or pick up
  • to make shorter or tighter
  • to mimic
  • to move from a higher to a lower level or place
  • to move with a sudden burst of speed
  • to observe; notice
  • to occupy
  • to occupy oneself with the study or practice of; assume (duties, projects, etc.)
  • to occupy; cover
  • to permit to enter; admit
  • to procure by application
  • to provide lodging for
  • to pull apart or take apart; dismantle; disassemble
  • to react to
  • to receive
  • to receive as proceeds, as from business activity
  • to regain possession of
  • to remove
  • to remove from
  • to reproduce
  • to require
  • to resemble
  • to respond favorably to; begin to like
  • to retract
  • to return, as for exchange
  • to seize possession [v TOOK, TAKEN, TAKING, TAKES]
  • to set out; start
  • to show great emotion; become excited
  • to subscribe to
  • to support or sponsor
  • to travel by
  • to understand
  • to undertake; assume
  • to visit or attend
  • to withdraw; remove
  • to write down; record
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