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Scrabble Word TALK

Definition of TALK:


  • conference
  • gossip
  • informal speech
  • the act of talking
  • to attempt to reach a settlement or understanding by discussion
  • to bore or weary someone by excessive talk; talk incessantly
  • to bring (someone) over to one's way of thinking; persuade
  • to cause (someone) to change an opinion; convince by talking
  • to communicate by speaking [v -ED, -ING, -S]
  • to debate as a possibility; discuss
  • to direct remarks meant for one person to another person present; speak indirectly to
  • to discuss
  • to exchange ideas by speaking
  • to express in words
  • to give instructions to by radio for a ground-controlled landing, esp. to a pilot who is unable to make a conventional landing because of snow, fog, etc.
  • to impede or prevent the passage of (a bill) through filibustering
  • to overwhelm by force of argument or by loud and persistent talking; subdue by talking
  • to promote interest in; discuss enthusiastically
  • to reply to a command, request, etc., in a rude or disrespectful manner
  • to speak boastingly; brag
  • to speak condescendingly to; patronize
  • to speak disparagingly of; belittle
  • to speak without hesitation; speak distinctly and openly
  • to spend or consume (time) in talking
  • to talk to in a manner that indicates that a response is not expected or wanted
  • to talk to incessantly or at great length
  • to talk until conversation is exhausted
  • to thwart the passage of (a bill, motion, etc.) by prolonging discussion until the session of Parliament adjourns
  • to weigh in conversation; consider; discuss
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