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Definition of TOOTH

  • one of the hard white structures attached to the jaw, used for biting and chewing
  • toothlike projection, as on a comb or saw
  • to reproach someone for (an action)
  • to do at the beginning of one's education, career, etc., or in one's youth
  • so as to face or confront; straight into or against
  • in defiance of; in opposition to
  • old; elderly
  • to establish or increase the effectiveness of
  • to become resolute; prepare for difficulty
  • to induce an unpleasant sensation
  • to become hostile or threatening; exhibit anger
  • entirely; fully
  • to supply with toothlike projections [v -ED, -ING, -S] / a hard, bonelike enamel-coated structure embedded in th jawbones [n TOOTHS or TEETH]
  • to repel; irritate
  • one of the hard structures attached in a row to each jaw [n TEETH] / to furnish with toothlike projections [v TOOTHED, TOOTHING, TOOTHS]