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Definition of TOUCH

  • to rouse by or as if by striking
  • to put the hand, finger, etc., into contact with
  • to bring or come into contact with
  • to reach
  • to affect with tenderness or sympathy
  • to touch someone or something
  • to come into or be in contact
  • touching or being touched
  • the sense by which a thing is perceived by physical contact
  • ability
  • slight trace
  • to try to borrow money from
  • (of an airplane) to come into contact with the ground; land
  • to represent or characterize precisely
  • to give rise to; initiate
  • to mention a subject briefly or casually; treat of in passing
  • to come close to; approach
  • to relate or pertain to
  • to modify or improve (a painting, photograph, etc.) by adding small strokes or making slight changes
  • to make minor changes or improvements in the appearance of
  • to be in or come into contact with [v TOUCHED, TOUCHES, TOUCHING] : TOUCHINGLY [adv]
  • to come into contact with [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
  • to cause to ignite or explode