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Definition of TRACKER

  • to follow the tracks or traces of trail
  • search for by following evidence until found track down the source
  • follow by vestiges trace
  • observe or plot the moving path of (as a spacecraft or missile) often instrumentally
  • travel over traverse track a desert
  • make tracks upon
  • carry (as mud) on the feet and deposit
  • keep track of (as a trend) follow
  • avel a comet tracking eastward
  • follow the groove undulations of a recording
  • maintain a constant distance apart on the straightaway
  • fit a track or rails
  • leave tracks (as on a floor)
  • one who tracks (to follow the marks of an animal or vehicle) [n -S]
  • follow accurately the corresponding fore wheel on a straightaway
  • one that tracks (to follow the marks left by an animal, a person, or a vehicle) [n TRACKERS]