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Definition of TRADE

  • customary course of action practice thy sin's not accidental, but a trade Shakespeare
  • occupation requiring manual or mechanical skill craft
  • the buying, selling, or exchange of goods; commerce
  • exchange
  • occupation
  • act or instance of trading transaction
  • exchange of property usually without use of money
  • firm's customers clientele
  • publication intended for persons in the entertainment business usually used in plural
  • to buy and sell
  • to exchange
  • to carry on trade
  • to have dealing with [v TRADED, TRADING, TRADES]
  • to make an exchange
  • to exchange a more valuable or desirable item for a less valuable or desirable one
  • to give (a used article) as payment to be credited toward a purchase
  • to exchange something for or with another
  • to turn to one's advantage, esp. selfishly or unfairly; exploit
  • to exchange a less valuable or desirable item for a more valuable or desirable one
  • a path traversed way
  • track or trail left by a person or animal tread 1
  • to give in exchange for another commodity [v TRADED, TRADES, TRADING] : TRADABLE [adj]