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Definition of TREATS

  • deal with a matter especially in writing discourse usually used with of a book treating of conservation
  • pay another's expenses (as for a meal or drink) especially as a compliment or as an expression of regard or friendship
  • deal with in speech or writing expound
  • present or represent artistically
  • to discuss terms of accommodation or settlement negotiate
  • regard and deal with in a specified manner usually used with as treat the matter as confidential
  • deal with handle food is plentiful and treated with imagination Cecil Beaton
  • bear oneself toward use treat a horse cruelly
  • provide with free food, drink, or entertainment they treated us to lunch
  • provide with enjoyment or gratification
  • care for or deal with medically or surgically treat a disease
  • act upon with some agent especially to improve or alter treat a metal with acid
  • TREAT, to deal with [v]
  • TREAT, to behave in a particular way toward [v]