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Definition of TRIES

  • make an attempt at often used with an infinitive try to fix the car
  • make an attempt you can do it if you try
  • to make an effort to do
  • to test or sample
  • to strain the endurance, patience, etc., of
  • to make an effort
  • to examine or investigate judicially try a case
  • conduct the trial of
  • participate as counsel in the judicial examination of
  • put to test or trial try one's luck often used with out try out a new method
  • subject to something (as undue strain or excessive hardship or provocation) that tests the powers of endurance
  • melt down and procure in a pure state render try out whale oil from blubber
  • TRIE, to attempt (to endeavour) [v]
  • to examine and determine judicially
  • fit or finish with accuracy
  • TRY, to attempt (to make an effort to do or accomplish) [v]