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Scrabble Word UP

Definition of UP:


  • a continual sequence in continuance from a point or to a point from third grade up at prices of $10 and up up until now
  • a stop usually used with draw, bring, fetch, or pull
  • an end your time is up
  • as to arrive or approach
  • as to expose a particular surface
  • or at a greater speed, rate, or amount prices went up
  • or at the rear of a theatrical stage
  • or at the top
  • or into a better or more advanced state
  • or into a state of greater intensity or excitement
  • or into an upright position sit up
  • or into parts
  • or into storage by lay up supplies
  • windward
  • actively engaged; alert; busy
  • alternating good and bad fortune
  • as far as or approaching
  • at or approaching the end of; with defeat or ruin imminent for
  • ay from the center of the earth
  • back and forth; backward and forward
  • capable of
  • considered as eligible or as a possibility for (something)
  • doing
  • ed as an intensifier clean up the house
  • faced or confronted with
  • frank; honest; sincere
  • from top to bottom or head to toe
  • in a difficult situation, esp. in financial straits
  • in full realization of
  • in or into a higher position or level
  • into existence or view
  • moving or facing upward
  • om below the horizon
  • om beneath the ground or water to the surface
  • out of bed
  • recovered from an illness; able to leave one's bed
  • stream 1
  • the duty or responsibility of
  • to consideration or attention bring up for discussion
  • to existence, evidence, prominence, or prevalence
  • to increase or raise
  • to operation or practical form
  • to or at an equal point
  • to or in an erect position
  • to possession or custody
  • to raise (to lift (to raise higher)) [v UPPED, UPPING, UPS]
  • to the limit of
  • to, toward, in, or on a higher place or level
  • to, toward, or at a higher place or farther point on or in
  • ward from the ground or surface pull up a daisy
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