Words with Friends Cheat

Use this simple Words with Friends Cheat tool to help to find all possible words for your game

Words with Friends is a fun word game puzzle developed by Zynga. Unlike other word puzzles, this one champions social involvement. It pits you directly against your friends in a fun, playful competition that can help improve your vocabulary and boost your reasoning skills.

However, you don’t need to let your friend win just because you’re having a slow day, or because you don’t have the time to think up a complex, points-boosting word. If you ever need a little pick-me-up, then come right here to help improve your game with an easy WWF cheat.

Inspired by the infamous Scrabble, Words with Friends puts fun right in your pocket. You can play up to 40 different games simultaneously so you can challenge everyone from your friends to your family and even your co-workers.

Don’t have someone that wants to play Words with Friends with you? Play strangers instead. Everything is anonymous and you can connect with other players around the country or world to keep up your streak or just to stay challenged.

Whether you’re playing the original or one of the sequels, Words with Friends is a great way to challenge yourself and indulge in healthy competition. Playing frequently will give you a huge repertoire of great words to play that rack up the points, but if you ever feel like brain fog is getting you down use our words with friends cheat to find the best, most impressive words.

How do I Cheat on Words with Friends?

Cheating on Words with Friends is different to other word-based puzzle games. Rather than work to get the right answer as you would on Wordle or with a crossword puzzle you are working to submit words that get the highest number of points. This gives you so many more possibilities, since there technically isn’t a wrong answer. It also means that our helper is more useful for this Words with Friends, than it is to help you find the day’s Wordle answer.

You can use our helpful little tool to help you pick better words based on point value, which will help you win at Words with Friends or Scrabble, since they operate based on the same set of rules.

To get the best possible answers you are going to want to use the Advanced Options, which let you really dictate which words show up in the list based on starting or ending letters. You can even enter hook letters like ED and ING.

At the end of the day, however, our useful tool only gets you halfway. You will need to use strategy and sort through the list of potential words that you can use to pick out the best word in the best position. There are triple letter and double letter point spots on the board as well and hitting these with your highest-value number is another great way to win.

All of these additional considerations mean that using our word generator on its own won’t guarantee a win, it just means that you have all the available words based on your letters. If you aren’t the greatest at anagrams but love playing Words with Friends for the challenge and positioning of words to get the highest points, then this tool is less a WWF cheat and more a helpful guide to get the ball rolling.

At the end of the day our word finder is a simple word generator. The strategy is entirely up to you. Simply being able to see the words you can make with your available tiles as well as those placed already on the board, however, can immediately improve your game.

Some people simply don’t have the mind to sort out anagrams, but our anagram solver makes it easy. Not only will you see words that use as many tiles as possible you will be able to visualize the shorter words that you can use to connect to existing tiles on the board or use to help you get those important points-boosting spots on the board.

Woman winning her Words with Friends game

What's the quickest way of Solving Words with Friends?

Words with Friends is a digital version of Scrabble the board game and while having a great vocabulary and knowledge of the Scrabble dictionary (or in this case, the Words with Friends dictionary) is a great help, it doesn’t mean a guaranteed win.

Just as people can play so often that they come to learn the entire Scrabble dictionary by heart, using our online helper tool is a way to cut through that brain fog and start building up a useful dictionary list that can help you make better selections again and again.

When it comes to playing Words with Friends the thing you need to keep in mind is that it isn’t about solving Words with Friends, it’s about winning. Words with Friends takes away a lot of the frustrating aspects of Scrabble and calculates the points on your behalf, so you can work out the best options based on the board in front of you.

One of the biggest things to remember when it comes to Words with Friends is that it isn’t how impressive or long the word you choose which matters, but the points you can rack up with by playing it.

With two ways to earn points the importance of playing the board cannot be stressed enough. You will always be better off using high-value letters and trying to get on those triple letter or triple word score slots.

Since you keep playing until all the free tiles are played and one player uses up all their usable tiles, hitting those point-winning options is so important. There is no way to really cheat because of this, but you can get a better selection of words with their correct spellings by using our online tool.

That being said there are benefits of using up as many tiles as you can, as fast as you can. Since the game only ends when the number of available tiles is exhausted, you can use as many large words as you can, and then aim to end the game as fast as you can. This gives your opponent fewer opportunities to gain points on you and can help you win quickly.

Solve Words with Friends using our Cheat Tool

You can solve Words with Friends and improve your chances at winning with this simple, free cheat tool. It can give you the best opening word to play and can help you pick the best words to help you get a high scoring win.

1. Select the Dictionary

First things first you need to be working from the right dictionary. Our tool supports several Scrabble-inspired games (including Scrabble itself) but spelling and word options are restricted. While you can get away with a lot when you are playing the board game physically at home, apps aren’t quite so forgiving when it comes to spelling mistakes or what words you can and cannot use.

If you usually spell with US spellings (or alternatively with UK spellings), then you are going to need to select the right dictionary. Our tool supports Scrabble, Wordfeud, and Words with Friends, so to get the best suggestions for your Words with Friends game you will want to start by making sure that you are working with the right dictionary!

2. Starting Move

If you have the starting move, then there are a few strategies that you can play, but do note that any openings you leave yourself are also openings for your opponent. If you want the safest opening you can use this tool and look at word length or, alternatively, the word that will fetch you the highest number of points.

Words that use the least commonly used letters are actually the most useful in games like Words with Friends, since they usually give you the highest points.

If your word is full of the most common letters, then this isn’t a challenging or difficult choice. While you may be able to use most of your letters, if you choose the word that has a Q or an X in it instead you may find that the number of points you earn is higher.

If you can, try to form a starting word that uses J, Q or Z – each of these letters is worth 10 points each. X is worth 8 points, which makes it a great runner-up.

You should keep in mind, however, that saving these letters to use on a triple letter spot can seriously boost your score, or alternatively if you can use a word like QUEEN or QUEUE on a double word score slot.

As for blank tiles try to save these for later. Starting a word with only the letters you have available is going to inhibit your opponent and give you more options later on. They aren’t worth any points either, which won’t help boost your score.

If you need help with the starting word, use our tool. All you need is to input the letters you have available. Though we recommend holding off on using those useful blank tiles just yet you can account for them in our tool by using the ‘?’ key.

This will give you a list of words based on your tiles. Work out which words will give you the largest number of points or give you the best openings that you can then use later on for future words.

Thinking a few steps ahead is so important when it comes to winning Words with Friends, so don’t rush! While there are speedy versions of the game that require you to play within a certain time period, the original version of the game is supposed to be low-key and played over a period of time.

3. Using the Advanced Options

When it comes to your second move (and all other moves) you will want to use the advanced options. There are many different options to use, and this little outline will help you understand what all the features mean and how to use this tool to give you the best words for your game.

To start there are four different modes:

The first is DEFAULT. This means that the tool will look for all the words that it can make out of the letters you input.

The second option is CONTAINS. Selecting this option is ideal if you want to add to the end of a shorter word. If there is the word AND on the board, for example, you can enter AND into the CONTAINS section and then the tool will look for words that contain AND either at the beginning, the middle or the end.

BEGINS WITH is perfect when there isn’t space for anything but to start a word with those letters. It works if you have a whole word you want to add onto or if it is just one letter.

ENDS WITH is the opposite and will help you find words that end with either the suffix or the letter of your choosing.

HOOK LETTERS is a special feature that helps you find words based on hooked letters like ED. You are hooking letters onto a word already on the board.

In all options ‘?’ will represent a blank tile.

4. How to use this tool alongside your WWF strategy 

One of the best parts about our tool is that you can see the total value of the words before you commit to them. To get the most accurate value you will need to make sure you have selected Words with Friends dictionary, since the various Scrabble games all use a different points system.

By being able to quickly see the value of the words you can make smart choices in a split second. Before you go and put down the highest value word, always double check the tiles on the board. The board has many special tiles that can change up the game, and you are almost always better off going for one of those special bonus squares.

If you want to really boost your strategy, of course, there are a few additional tips and tricks to use alongside this tool that will really help you rack up the points.

Link words for easy points

Sometimes the absolute best way to win is to be simple. If there is a word on the table and you can add to it by either adding an S or and ED to change its tense, do it. Doing this gives you the full points for the word as well as the points for any new letters you add and any bonus tiles you hit in the process.

Use two letter words to boost points

While you won’t want to play a two letter word on its own do be aware of the board. If you can play your word parallel to a word already on the board with the use of helpful little two-letter words, do it. This lets you earn points on more than one word during one single turn.

Play defensive, not offensive

A great tip to take is that playing defensive works wonders with Words with Friends. When you play defensively you earn points off the hard work of your opponent. Adding that S at the end of their word, for example, or using their word to get you to a triple point tile.

When it comes to playing this way, however, do remember that your opponent is also likely playing this way. Very few players are going to try to do their own thing without also trying to cut you off wherever they can. After all, getting as many points as you can is just the start. You will also want to try to prevent your opponent from earning points while you are at it.

Learn the board

One final tip is to become familiar with the board. The good news is that the app takes care of things like keeping track of the score and handles all the math equations on your behalf, so learning the board has never been easier.

Not only does playing Words with Friends make that irritating counting a thing of the past it also lets you visually lay down your words without committing to them – and unlike with traditional Scrabble your opponent cannot see what you are doing until you commit to it!

Take your time to explore your options and play with the board placements. Doing this will help you find the best positioning for your word, regardless of whether your goal is to earn the most points, set yourself up for another move, or cut off your opponent.

As time goes on, you’ll start to become intimately familiar with knowing where all the special bonus tiles are, so use that to your advantage when playing. Using the board strategically is one of the best ways to make big moves count. You’ll immediately have an advantage over your opponent just because you know the board and take the time to play around with your options so that you choose the best next move.

More on our Words with Friends Cheat

How does the Words with Friends Cheat work?

This tool is a simple anagram solver. Rather than a straight anagram solver, however, you can also add in the potential for blank tiles and can also take into account the words already on the board.

To get the most out of this tool it is recommended that you always use the Advanced Options. These options give you the ability to specifically create a word list to suit your strategy. If there is a triple letter tile near the words on the board, for example, you will want to target that tile specifically and find a word you can connect to the letters on the board.

How it works is simple: there are many parameters you can specify, with the most important one being the words that you can make out of the letter tiles you have. If you have any blank tiles or if there are open blank tiles on the board, you can use ‘?’ to represent them.

There are several dictionaries to choose from, depending on the game you are playing and this is how you can customize our tool to help you regardless of whether you are playing Words with Friends or Scrabble.

There is the English UK Scrabble dictionary, the English US Scrabble dictionary, the English UK Wordfeud dictionary, the English US Wordfeud dictionary, and the English UK/US Words with Friends dictionary.

Is the Words with Friends Cheat Free?

Is this Words with Friends cheat free? Yes! It is free to use every day and as many times as you need throughout the day. The online version is easy to access online at any time from your mobile phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. If you want an on-the-go and offline version, then download the Scrabble Solver app which is available for iOS and Android devices and can easily be added to your home screen.

It is a simple, universal tool that can help you improve your strategy for any Scrabble-inspired game including Words with Friends.

It can make the game far more challenging as well if both you and your friend agree to use this word finder to create applicable word lists. If you both use this tool, then it’s all about the strategy of playing against the board and your opponent, not the words you know.

This will give you a whole new dynamic to the game!

If you don’t want to play a harder game, keep this little tool a secret! Since the best words aren’t always the most complicated your opponent is unlikely to realize you are using a solver to build up your word list.

Is the Words with Friends Solver easy to use?

This Words with Friends solver is so easy to use and can be customized to give you very specific word lists to find the perfect Words with Friends word which will help you with your overall WWF strategy. It is also very fast so that if you did want to play the game quickly, this shouldn’t slow you down. Simply input the letters you have, and use ‘?’ to represent any blank tiles. Doing this will give you a list of the word that you can make with your existing tiles.

If this is the very first move, then you won’t need to use any of the additional features available in the Advanced Options. In fact, trying to get as many letters as possible to rack up the points and open up new possibilities for yourself (and unfortunately also your opponent) can be a great way to open the game.

For all subsequent turns you will want to use the Advanced Options. These Advanced Options (once you get the hang of them) can really help you master your Words with Friends and beat the game.

One last thing – don’t forget to select the language! Choosing the language as well as which dictionary you are using is essential for getting words that your game will accept. The same word may also have a different spelling depending on whether you use US or UK spellings.

Will it work with any Words with Friends game?

Not only will this work with any Words with Friends game, but it will actually work with most Scrabble-inspired word games as well. The only thing to keep in mind is the dictionaries that these games use. We currently support Scrabble, Wordfeud, and Words with Friends US and UK dictionaries. These dictionaries are not the same as the full English dictionary, as they usually exclude archaic words and scientific names.

When it comes to Words with Friends, however, we have your back. You will be able to play and use our online tool to its full potential. Don’t forget to use the strategies, tips, and how-to steps outlined in this guide to use this online tool as effectively as possible and improve your overall Words with Friends strategy.