How to use Scrabble Solver

Scrabble Solver is really easy to use, simply enter up to 12 letters, hit the Solve button and the results will then appear.

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Advanced Options

There are various options to choose from:

Default - The default option finds all words found within the letters you've entered.

Contains - Finds all words that contain the letters you entered, an additional option will appear allowing you to choose the length of the words to look for. Eg. "CRAB" and a word length of 8 will match "SCRABBLE".

Begins with - Similar to the Contains function but finds words beginning with the letters you've entered. Eg. "SOL" and a word length of 6 will match "SOLVER".

Ends with - Similar to the Begins with function but finds words ending with the letters you enter.

Hook Letters

The Hook Letters feature can be used to find words that match existing letters on the board in combination with your own selection of letters. For example if the letters "ED" are on the board and you have the letters "FSHNGII" this would match words such as "FINISHED", "FISHED", "FINED" and many others, but only words containing "ED".

In this example you would put the letters "FSHNGII" in to the main search box and the letters "ED" in to the hook letters box. Up to 5 hook letters can be used.

Blank Tiles

Scrabble Solver will also search for words with up to 11 blank tiles.

Use ? for the blank tile.

Word Scoring

Scrabble Solver will produce scores for each of the words found (in brackets at the end of each word), Scrabble, Wordfeud and Words with Friends use different tile scores, to select scores for the game you are playing use the correct dictionary detailed below.


Scrabble Solver has several dictionaries to choose from. Choose the correct dictionary for your game to get the best word options.

Scrabble - English UK: This is the largest dictionary of words and is suitable for most word games, choosing this option also calculates word scores specifically for Scrabble.

Scrabble - English US: As above but with a smaller dictionary suitable for games using US English.

Wordfeud - English UK: Similar to the Scrabble option above but also calculates word scores specifically for Wordfeud.

Wordfeud - English US: For Wordfeud games using US English.

Words With Friends - English UK/US: Dictionary and word scores specifically for Words With Friends using UK and US English.


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