Uncommon Words Part Two

Author: Brian Bowman

Date Published: 13 December 2023

Language, they say, is a living organism, evolving and adapting over time. Within the vast expanse of the English language, there exist hidden gems—words that are rarely used but wield a unique charm. These words not only enrich your lexicon but also provide nuanced ways to express thoughts and emotions. Here are six uncommon words that will add a touch of sophistication to your language.

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1. Persnickety (adj.)

Definition: Excessively particular or fastidious, especially when it comes to trivial details.

Usage Example: Jane was so persnickety about her coffee that she insisted on water from a specific mountain stream and beans roasted precisely for 8.5 minutes.

2. Obambulate (v.)

Definition: To wander about aimlessly or with no particular purpose.

Usage Example: On lazy Sunday afternoons, I often obambulate through the city's parks, letting my thoughts meander like a gentle stream.

3. Susurrus (n.)

Definition: A soft, murmuring, or rustling sound, like the gentle whisper of leaves in the wind or the murmur of a stream.

Usage Example: The susurrus of the leaves and the distant chirping of birds created a soothing symphony in the tranquil forest.

4. Ephemeral (adj.)

Definition: Something that is fleeting or short-lived.

Usage Example: The beauty of a rainbow is ephemeral, but its vivid colors leave a lasting impression on our memories.

5. Discombobulate (v.)

Definition: To confuse or disconcert; to upset or frustrate.

Usage Example: The unexpected pop quiz seemed to discombobulate the entire class, leaving them scrambling for answers.

6. Sesquipedalian (adj.)

Definition: Characterized by long words; tending to use long words.

Usage Example: The professor's sesquipedalian explanations often left the students baffled, wishing for simpler terms to understand the subject.

These words may not find their way into everyday conversations, but they possess a unique ability to capture specific nuances of human experience. Adding them to your vocabulary arsenal can make your writing and communication more colorful and precise. So, the next time you find yourself searching for just the right word to express a complex idea or emotion, consider these uncommon gems that lie beneath the surface of the English language.