Word of the Day - November 26, 2022


  • A nearly simultaneous firing of all the guns from one side of a warship
  • A sheet of paper printed on one side only, forming one large page
  • A strongly worded critical attack
  • all the guns on one side of a ship of war; their simultaneous discharge [n -S] / to deliver a broadside [v BROADSIDED, BROADSIDING, BROADSIDES]
  • In 16th- and 17th-century England, a popular ballad. Also called broadside ballad
  • most often refers to a very strong and harsh spoken or written attack, but it has other meanings as well, among them an attack by a ship in which all the guns on one side of the ship are fired together.
  • The set of guns that can fire on each side of a warship
  • The side of a ship above the water between the bow and quarter