Two Letter Words

One of the key strategies in Scrabble is knowing the importance of two-letter words and how to use them effectively. In this article, we will explore the significance of two-letter words in Scrabble gameplay.

Two-letter words may seem insignificant, but they play a vital role in Scrabble gameplay. There over 100 officially recognized two-letter words in the English language that are eligible to be played in Scrabble. These words are important for several reasons:

Many of the two-letter words in Scrabble have high-scoring letters such as Q, Z, X, and J. Playing these letters on a double or triple letter score space can result in significant point gains. For example, the word "za" is worth 22 points when played on a double word score space, despite being only two letters long.

Strategic Blocking

Two-letter words can also be used strategically to block your opponent from playing a longer word. For example, if your opponent has the letters "c" and "e" and is trying to play the word "ace", playing the word "am" vertically on the board can block them from completing their word.

Using Limited Resources

In Scrabble, players have a limited number of tiles to use throughout the game. Two-letter words can be particularly useful when a player has difficult or uncommon letters such as "q" or "z" and needs to use them to score points.

One Turn, Many Words

Many words can be played in a single turn by placing one word alongside another. For example, play ABATE horizontally above RATED to make six words in one go: AR, BA, AT, TE, ED and ABATE.


Knowing all the two-letter words recognized in Scrabble can give a player a significant advantage in gameplay. By memorizing these words, players can quickly identify opportunities to score points and use their tiles effectively.

More on Two-Letter Words

Players who are serious about Scrabble should take the time to learn and understand the significance of two-letter words in gameplay. By doing so, they will greatly improve their chances of success in this challenging and rewarding game.

Let's examine some specific examples of commonly used two-letter words:

"AA" - a type of volcanic rock that is often used in construction.

"ZA" - an abbreviation for pizza.

"QI" - the life force that flows through all living things in traditional Chinese culture.

"XI" - the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet.

"JO" - a Scottish word for a sweetheart or lover.

"MU" - the 12th letter of the Greek alphabet.

"HM" - an interjection expressing thoughtful consideration.

"AI" - a type of three-toed sloth found in South and Central America.

"OW" - an exclamation expressing pain or surprise.

"YA" - a slang term for "you".

As you can see, two-letter words can be quite diverse and may include uncommon words that players may not be familiar with. However, with regular gameplay and practice, players can learn to recognize and utilize these words to their advantage.

Additionally, there are several common prefixes and suffixes that players can use with two-letter words to create longer words. For example, adding the prefix "re" to the word "do" creates the word "redo", which can score significant points if played on a double or triple word score space.

These valid Scrabble words have only two letters